David Greenfield, Ed.D., consulting educator

Visuals: Photography & Art

Greenfield's life-long love of art began with four prints by the French painter, Raoul Dufy, that hung in his childhood home. Facinated and engaged, he was inspired, and continued to seek out art, especially painting, where ever he could- in school, museums and walls of his friends. Although he drew and painted, his early work was in complex assemblages, built of toys, pulleys and strings. As life would have it, his first formal art classes were in photography in high school. Learning the mechanics of black and white film, he became enamoured with composition and shadows, and studied the work of Adams, Westen, Lange and the other greats. And he began to carry his camera everywhere he went.

After his discharge from the IDF, he returned to the US to study art with some excelent teachers and peers at UCSC. There, he returned to his first love, painting. He has continued to paint, and photograph, doing both mixed media as well digital media. And along the way, he as received several awards for his photography, as well as recognition for his digital museum exhibitions.
In the Spring of 1988, Greenfield was awarded an art residency in Ma'alot-Tarshiha, in northern Israel. There he worked with Jewish, Moslem and Christian children from thee local schools, doing collaborative art. During their time togeher, the children not only learning about art, but also learned about each other, because although their villages were close, they did not have the opportunity to actually meet and interact. It eas a successful project in terms of art, but more importantly, in terms of creating good neighbors. This was a critical point, because the first Intifada was taking place in the center of Israel, so any work in bringing people together was critical to the future of the country.

To view images from the art residency, as well his travels in and around Israel and Egypt during the same adventure, click
Israel, 1973-1988: War & Peace

Select Painting Exhibitions
1988- Artist In Residence, HILAI Center For The Creative Arts, Ma'alot, Israel
1987- Hearts, Maps, and Minds, Santa Cruz Art Center, Santa Cruz, CA
1984- Solo Exhibition, Santa Cruz Art Center 1983- Cuborvisions, Whole Earth Restaurant, Santa Cruz, CA
1982- Solo, Santa Cruz Art Center
1981- Solo, Santa Cruz Art Center

2013- Dia de los Muertos Party & Art Auction, Visual Arts Academy, Los Angeles
2012- Group show, Trunk Gallery, Venice Ca
2012- Loteria Party & Art Auction, Visual Arts Academy, Los Angeles
1992- Sacrifices of Abraham, Bade Museum/Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
1990- Who's New:New Talent- 1990, Katia Lacoste Gallery, San Jose, CA.
1990- Artists Equity, Group Show, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.
1989- Artists From Another Israel, Life on the Water Theater, Fort Mason, San Francisco, Ca.
1988- Dialogues in Art, Bade Museum, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
1987- Chain Paintings Of Love, N.E.A. show, P.S. 122, New York
1987- Jewish Themes of Northern California Artists, Sacramento, CA
1987- Group Show Patterson Museum, Patterson New Jersey
1987- Artbreak Hotel, ABC NO RIO Gallery, N.Y., N.Y.
1986- Group Show- Nite Gallery, N.Y., N.Y. Micro Show, Now Gallery, N.Y., N.Y.
1986- Art For Aids, Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco
1986- No Map is an Island, two person show Santa Cruz Art Center
1985- Holiday Show Nathan Hart Gallery, San Francisco
1979- Three Person Show, Noe Valley Library, San Francisco

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