David Greenfield, Ed.D., consulting educator

Experience: Professional
  • Over 30 years experience in education and training in multiple sectors- corporate, non-profit, and education.
  • Over 20 years experience in interactive design.
  • Project management skills.
  • Graphic design, UI/UX.
  • Digital and traditional photography.
  • Formal and informal learning development and design.
  • Innovative learning experience and curriculum design and development.
  • Multiple platform, LMS, Social Media experience.

Work Experience
2014-2015, Instructional Technologist, Musicians Institute Los Angeles, CA

• Developed and designed LMS (Desire2Learn) for inaugural flipped-classroom approach for common core classes.
• Editorial consultant to department chairs to assist them in developing curricula; writing and formatting online quizzes and exams; selecting and producing rich media (audio and video);.
• Trained instructors on how to run online classes, including basic classroom management as well as more advanced topics relating to online and distance education.
• Wrote and developed online and print training material for instructors and students on how to incorporate and include the new, digital content in their teaching and learning.

2007-2011, Instructional Technology Analyst, School of Film & Television (SFTV) and College of Fine Arts (CFA) Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
• Worked with faculty to improve teaching, learning and research by identifying and implementing appropriate instructional technologies (social media, Blackboard, audio/video, etc.).
• Conducted one-on-one consultations, department workshops and training sessions for department faculty.
• Acted as liaison between IT department and SFTV and CFA
• Evaluated and wrote recommendations on curricula, instructional methods, and technologies to enhance learning and course materials.
• Developed online system for viewing and judging films for annual student film festival.
• Coordinated and managed technology for educational symposium teaching the holocaust in collaboration with education department of the U.S. National Holocaust Memorial Museum.
• Supervised AMP (Academic Media Production group) to create traditional and rich media educational material and video (recording, editing and digital distribution)

2005-2006, Educational Technologist, Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, CA
• Managed distant education program utilizing conference calling, web distributed content and digitized audio.
• Directed team of subject matter experts to identify content and instructors for future courses.
• Project manager for implementing Sakai CMS for professors and instructors for use in three national campuses.
• Designed and produced graphics, web pages, and print projects with HUC National Department for Distance Education.

1998-2003, New Media Coordinator, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA
• Designed and created user-friendly web site to showcase unique programs, exhibitions, facilities and attributes of Skirball Cultural Center.
• Produced virtual exhibitions for web site and kiosks for permanent collection.
• Developed computer resource center to provide high-speed Internet access to visitors and researchers.
• Assessed and evaluated web-users experience to improve site quality. Managed budget, planned, recruited, and trained staff of 15.
• Established 5-year development plan, strategic alliances, partnerships and collaborations with other institutions.

1981-present, Free-lance Consultant
• Reviewed and evaluated media collections (photographs, film, video, etc) for large studios, sports teams and other corporations. Tasked to evaluate quality, quantity and type of media in corporation collections.
• Successfully produced customized web sites for over 50 institutions and companies.
• Assist clients in developing branding.
• Design and produce variety of graphic design products including signage, posters, newsletters, logos, etc.