David Greenfield, Ed.D., consulting educator

About David: Past

Greenfield's personal, academic and professional background has been diverse, yet interrelated. He has been a farmer on a kibbutz, served in the Israeli military, built houses, trained and worked as an artist, received his BA in history, and his MA in educational technology. Professionally, he as been involved in digital media since 1990, working in (among other things) corporate training, graphic design, web design, digital museim exhibitions, teaching teachers how to think in technology, and students about the Jewish graphic novel. All of these experiences have led him to make choices that reflect his core values of a deep love of learning and a commitment to making a positive difference to society.

As an artist, his formal explorations are about understanding and commenting on textures created by the relationships between text and images. He is also particularly interested in the role of public art in society and education. His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York and Israel. Additionally, he was selected to represent the city of Los Angeles in a international traveling exhibition of sister cities.

In 1988, he was artist-in residence at an art center in northern Israel, where he worked with children from the schools of the three main western faiths- Jewish, Christian and Moslem to create collaborative public art that would educate the children to each other and leave a legacy for future school children.

Since 1990, he has been developing and investigating the use of digital media in three different types of learning environments: museums, K-12 education and academia. Greenfield is especially interested the role that digital technology plays in enhancing learning, and in the use of narrative and storytelling to create innovative partnerships between institutions and disciplines in order to develop and promote authentic and engaging communities of learners.