David Greenfield, Ed.D., what do you do?

Visuals: Interactive
David Greenfield is an educator, technologist and award winning artist. Currently an EdD candidate at the Pepperdine Univeersity Graduate School of Education and Psychology, where he is completing his doctoral dissertation about the use of graphcic novels in the classroom to talk about social justice, individual and community identity.

1999- Visions and Values was modeled after the Skirball Cultureal Center's core collection. The interface allows users to follow a linear path, similar to the actual museum experience, as well as a non-linear path based upon their own interest and curiosity.

2000- Grandfather's Virtual Kitchen was developed in partnership with the Japanese American National Museum to explore the relationships between immigrant communities in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Based on the observation that no community exhists in a vacuum, this site used narrative to illustrate the intertwined stories of two immigrant families- one Russian Jewish and one Japanese.

My paper, Contextual Links and Non-linear Narrative: A Virtual Rashomon was presentented at the 2000 Museums and the Web conference, and presented the theories and ideas that informed this project (pre-dated social networking sites by 5 years).

2001- True Wedding Stories was a companion piece to the museum exhibition, Romance and Ritual. Objects from the exhibition are combined with personal to illustrate relationsips between personal wedding stories and traditional practice. Web viewers were encouraged to share their own stories for the site. At that time, there were no real tools for social networking, so stories needed to be submitted to and vetted by the museum.

2002- Myer Myers: Historical Overview was a companion piece to an exhibition that originated at the Yale Art Gallery. I completly redesigned the site, changing the orientation and adding a liberal amount of content about the objects, time period and cultures. The Yale Gallery decided to use this site for the continuation of the exhibition.